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Kathleen Wallace

Kathleen believes to the core of her being that narratives shape the world and that artists have a responsibility to shape those narratives, and her mission is to make the world a more connected, compassionate, and inclusive place.

To accomplish her mission, she creates and produces narratives with crews and content that shift paradigms. She also teaches and speaks on improving communications.

Beach at Sunset

We can change the world by changing the stories we tell.


Teaching & Speaking

Through her company, Seanachie Communications, Kathleen regularly teaches and speaks on communications skills. Seanachie's (pronounced “shawn-a-key”, Gaelic for “storyteller”) mission is to make the world a more inclusive, connected, & compassionate place by changing which stories we tell and how we tell them.


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The OKAY Initiative's mission is to normalize talking about mental health is inspired by and based around the song OKAY.


OKAY was written by a teen who lived through a mass shooting and is about how it’s okay to talk honestly about mental health.

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