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Speaking & Teaching

Through her company, Seanachie Communications, Kathleen regularly teaches and speaks on communications skills. Seanachie's (pronounced “shawn-a-key”, Gaelic for “storyteller”) mission is to make the world a more inclusive, connected, & compassionate place by changing which stories we tell and how we tell them.

Stories inform how we see & interact with ourselves, others, & the world, in ways of which we are frequently unaware. By working with the stories we accept about ourselves, others, & our world, we can begin to shift paradigms & build connections.

Kathleen and Seanachie’s work on this front centers around helping people be aware of the stories they are telling, the stories they are accepting, and how to be more conscious about both on our way to a more connected, inclusive, and compassionate world.


To book a class with Kathleen or to have her speak at your event or organization, please contact SNP Communications.

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